New Kit Tech? Nike AeroAdapt Material + Strike Top Revealed

Nike introduced its latest innovation in materials earlier this summer. Dubbed 'Nike AeroAdapt', it has very recently made its full debut in a football item, the AeroAdapt Strike training top.

Apart from that, Nike AeroAdapt is only available for a small range of NikePro products so far. However, as we learned that Nike will discontinue its Vapor kit technology after four years ahead of Euro 2020 and the Olympics, it's possibly that AeroAdapt will be the base of or at least feature as part of the Swoosh's next top-tier kit template.

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AeroAdapt features sweat-activated vents that provide ventilation where and when it's needed most. Its moisture-reactive yarns open up when they get in contact with sweat to release body heat and let air in.

Nike AeroAdapt Strike Training Top

Available in two colorways (black and white), the Nike Football AeroAdapt Strike training jacket features the AeroAdapt material in three spots: one on the front, where you'd find the sponsor logo on a club jersey, and two on the back mimicking the name and number placement.

Although this placement indicates a rather gimmicky approach, it would still make sense for an actual shirt as those are spots with a problematic air-flow due to the prints. It's unlikely that the expanding AeroAdapt material could carry a simple heat-transfer print, however.

The Nike AeroAdapt Strike top retails at GBP 90 (EUR 95, USD 100).

What do you think? Let's hear your thoughts on Nike's new AeroAdapt tech in the comments down below.