Next-Gen New Balance Visaro 3 2019-2020 Boots Leaked? Comeback 2 Years After Being Discontinued?

Sunday, 15 September 2019
Images of what could be the "not at all awaited" third generation of the New Balance Visaro football boots have surfaced.

The New Balance Visaro football boot silo was actually discontinued in late 2017 in favor for the New Balance Tekela soccer cleat. However, now it seems like that New Balance will bring out a new generation for the Visaro.

Next-Gen New Balance Tekela v2 Boots Revealed

Striking All-New High-Collar Knit New Balance Tekela Boots Leaked

What makes things even more strange is that, just some weeks ago, New Balance released the second-generation New Balance Tekela, the New Balance Tekela 2.0.

We do not know exactly what the boots on the images are. They are no fakes - we think they could be also something like a Japan-only release - everything is possible.

New Balance Visaro 2

New Balance Visaro 3

This is the supposed New Balance Visaro 3 boot.

The New Balance Visaro 3 boots feature an interesting design that has many similarities to the first two generations of the New Balance Visaro such as the tongue construction.

New Balance Tekela 2

A few things stand out with these New Balance Visaro with other New Balance boots. The upper is made from a synthetic material that looks very lightweight while still being soft. On the inner touch area there are some extra added element for a more soft touch.

The sole plate is also looking quite lightweight. The cleats also have an external heel counter and mainly conical studs.

Nothing exact about the release of the New Balance Visaro 3 soccer cleats is known yet. If they would be released, we think they would come out in 2020.

What do you think of these New Balance Visaro boots? Do you think those are the next generation of the boot actually discontinued two years ago? Drop us a line below, and check out the Boot Calendar for all upcoming boot leaks and releases.
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