Barcelona, PSG, Inter, Roma, Atletico, Chelsea, Tottenham & Galatasaray: Here's What Inspired Nike's 19-20 Third Kits

With all of Nike's 'Elite' third kits released, let's take a look at the inspirations behind the new Atlético, Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter and Tottenham third kits - they are plentiful.


The color scheme of Atlético's 2019-20 third kit is roughly inspired by the many blue away kits used by the club during the 90s. The collar, the same one used on Chelsea's third kit, is directly based on the 94-95 'Nike Premier' template.


Both the color scheme and the collar of Barcelona's 2019-2020 third kit are inspired by the iconic 96-97 away by Kappa.

The jacquard print, which appears on the front, back and sleeves, is based on the Barcelona coat of arms, which also was the center piece of the first-ever FC Barcelona crest.


The Chelsea 2019-20 third kit brings back the classic collar used on the 'Nike Premier' shirts in 94-95.

The kit's color combination of black, orange and white harks back to a true 90s classic: the Chelsea 94-96 away.


The subtle asymmetrical striping on the grey Galatasaray 19-20 third kit derives from the 2000-01 home shirt.


Inter Milan's 2019-2020 third kit pays homage to the club's long-time main sponsor Pirelli. For the first time ever, the tire brand's logo appears in its original, unedited version with red text inside a yellow box.

As for the thin yellow stripe around the neck and the sleeve cuffs; it's inspired by the design of the Formula 1 tires produced by Pirelli.


Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Nike x PSG partnership, the new third kit is directly based on the first-ever PSG shirt by Nike.


The Roma 2019-20 third kit, both in terms of the color and collar, was closely inspired by the 91-92 away by Adidas.


Tottenham's 19-20 third kit is inspired by the many light blue change shirts that club has had. Particularly, a certain 90s classic by Umbro: the collar and the subtle 'Spurs' text (it's not so hidden on the original, so to speak) inside the all-over pattern can be directly attributed to the 91-94 third kit.

For a modern touch, the outside of the new stadium also contributed heavily to the pattern on the Spurs third shirt 2019-20.

Did you know all of this? What's your favorite of the Nike third kits that have been released so far? Drop us a line below.