15 Insane FIFA 20 Volta Kits Revealed - Designed By Scott McRoy

EA Sports introduced an all-new mode for FIFA 20, called Volta and inspired by the classic FIFA Street. For its new mode, EA Sports gave designer Scott McRoy the task to create 15 bespoke, city-inspired kits designed for FIFA’s new VOLTA game mode.

Scott McRoy is a graphic Designer and Illustrator from the South West U.K.specialized mainly in the world of football. Also thanks to Footy.com who asked him for images of all of the 15 kits.

FIFA 20 Volta Mode - Kit Designs

The FIFA 20 VOLTA kits are designed to be fresh and modern, just as the mode. They boast quite crazy designs that look pretty amazing on stage but rather bad as illustrations - the (infamous) template he is using for showing off the designs is not really the best...

1. Amsterdam Volta Kit

2. Berlin Volta Kit

3. Copenhagen Volta Kit

4. Helsinki Volta Kit

5. London Volta Kit

6. Madrid Volta Kit

7. Moscow Volta Kit

8. New York Volta Kit

9. Oslo Volta Kit

10. Paris Volta Kit

11. Rio Volta Kit

12. Rome Volta Kit

13. Stockholm Volta Kit

14. Tokyo Volta Kit

15. Warsaw Volta Kit

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