After Using Temporary Logo: Wolfsburg Kits Finally Get New VW Logo

Following many months of preparation, the all-new Volkswagen logo was finally officially launched at the IAA in early September.

You might be asking yourself "really? didn't they use it for month?" and you are partially right. Over the last year, various VW-sponsored teams have started using a version of the new logo. Local club Wolfsburg, who are owned by Volkswagen, added the logo to their shirts at the start of the season.

However, upon closer inspection, said logo is not the one VW ended up releasing officially. It's a temporary variant that differs in some spaces, most notably in the way that the letters touch the surrounding circle, something that's not the case on the final logo. The letters now also have subtly subtly rounded corners.

Wolfsburg played the first few matches of the season using the temporary logo before finally switching to the new one for the match against Düsseldorf on September 13th.

This had lead to an interesting situation with replica shirts. While the club is now only selling jerseys with the correct logo, other retailers have still not stocked it at all. Instead only an 'outdated' version of the shirt is available for customers to buy. Thanks to @joelkr_ who shared this spot over on Twitter.

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