All Adidas 2020 Kits Leaked So Far - Many Releases Next Week

Update: Pro Evolution Soccer kit makers @AerialEdson and Makidan14 (@DanielLie10) have created some of the new Adidas 2020 kits for PES 2020. They give us a great look of how the kits (including those of the EURO 2020) will look like on the pitch worn by players.

Update: A few more Euro 2020 kits from Adidas have been leaked. They are also the first to be released officially - the Three Stripes are expected to launch (possibly) all of their EURO 2020 home uniforms next week (from Monday, November 11, ahead of the last international fixtures of the year).

Adidas Japan 2020 Home Shirt

A bold and unprecedented look, the Japan 2020-2021 home jersey swaps the traditional blue for a camouflage print that incorporates the color as well as navy and white. Unfortunately there's no print on the back.

Japan 2020 Home Kit Leaked - Official Pictures of 'HeatReady' Authentic

In addition to the leaks of Spain and Russia, Japan's outstanding 2020 home kit by Adidas has been leaked as well.

So far, just a few EURO 2020 kits have been leaked. However, there are also information about many of the other EURO 2020 kits - you can check out all EURO 2020 kit information in the EURO 2020 Kit Overview.

Spain Adidas Euro 2020 Home Kit

The new Spain Euro 2020 home shirt introduces an unusual look, although it features the traditional colors red and yellow.

Spain Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Russia Adidas Euro 2020 Home Jersey

Based on Condivo 20 with its high collar and broad sleeve cuffs, the Russia Euro 2020 home jersey sees the collar colored in white and the sleeve cuffs split between blue and white, which, together with the base of the shirt, recreates the Russian flag.

Exclusive: Russia Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Croatia Nike EURO 2020 Home Jersey Prediction

Croatia's new 2020 home shirt boasts a fresh take on the country's iconic checkers - instead of standard checkers it features differently sized checkers all-over it.

Nike Croatia EURO 2020 Home Kit Prediction

Germany Euro 2020 Home Shirt

A modern look, the Adidas Germany 2020 home shirt is white with horizontal pinstripes covering the front and sleeves. As with Adidas' other Euro jerseys, the pinstripes feature a subtle brushstroke effect.

Germany Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Belgium Adidas Euro 2020 Home Shirt

Predominantly red, Belgium's Euro 2020 home jersey boasts a large and eye-catching graphic that consists of black and red brushstrokes on the front.

Belgium Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Belgium Euro 2020 Away Kit

Belgium's new Euro 2020 away jersey is based on the Condivo 20 template. Predominantly grey, the standard Condivo 20 graphic appears on the front of the Belgium 2020 away football shirt in a slightly lighter shade of the color.

Belgium Euro 2020 Away Kit Leaked

Sweden Euro 2020 Home Shirt

Inspired by early 2000s Adidas, the Adidas Sweden 2020 home shirt is roughly based on the Condivo 20 template. Specifically, it features the template's trademark huge collar and high sleeve cuffs.

Sweden Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Switzerland 2020 Home Shirt

The Switzerland 2020 Puma home jersey has a dark red base with white logos.

Switzerland Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Ireland 2019-2020 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Revealed

The new Ireland 2019-20 home uniform was just unveiled by New Balance and FA Ireland. It will be available to buy from 8 November and will be worn in the games against New Zealand and Denmark.

Ireland 2019-2020 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Revealed

Wales Adidas 2020-2021 Home Kit

A classic look inspired by past icons, the Adidas Wales 2020 home shirt is red with the simplified Wales badge sitting on the left chest.

Unique Wales 2020 Home Kit Leaked - First to Use New Logo

Hungary 2020-2021 Home Kit

The Adidas Hungary 2020-2021 home shirt features a design inspired by one of Hungary's biggest landmarks - the Danube. According to Adidas, the Adidas Hungary 2020 home jersey "perfectly combines a progressive and unique design with traditional colors and details."

Adidas Hungary 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Adidas 'Uniforia' Euro 2020 Ball Leaked

Adidas 'Uniforia' Euro 2020 Ball Leaked

Euro 2020 Kit Overview - All Leaks & Info

Which is your favorite Adidas Euro 2020 home kit leaked yet? Do you look forward to see the others? Share your thoughts in the comments below.