All-New Nike 2020-21 Jersey / Kit Template Leaked

Some days ago, we gave you an exclusive first look at the all-new 2020-2021 training jerseys of FC Barcelona. Now we have received images that perfectly show off the completely new Nike 2020-21 teamwear shirt.

'Next-Decade' Design & Technology - FC Barcelona 2020-21 Training Jersey Leaked

Nike 2020-21 Template - Teamwear Jersey

This is the new Nike 2020-21 teamwear shirt.

The Nike 2020-21 teamwear jersey is very different to all Nike jerseys currently available. It comes without the Swoosh on the chest but boasts a large Swoosh on the sleeves. The back of the shirt comes with the lettering N I K E in orange.

Another interesting element is the graphic pattern on the sleeves, which looks like a DNA. This graphic design is set to be used by Nike for many teams and products in 2020.

The the design of the Nike 2020-21 teamwear shirt is already interesting, but what it is even more exciting is the tech-side. The new Nike 2020-21 Template comes with an all-new cut to reduce distractions, especially in the sleeves / shoulders area.

Fitting pants are available as well, while we have also received images of black shorts that are also based on the new Nike 2020-21 Template. They also have an interesting cut and logo positioning.

We expect the new Nike 2020-21 Template to be available from early 2020. It is set to be used for Nike's EURO 2020 as well as Nike's 2020-2021 national team / club items.

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