'Next-Decade' Design & Technology - FC Barcelona 2020-21 Training Jersey Leaked

We are able to reveal the 2020-2021 training jerseys of Catalan La Liga giants FC Barcelona. And while training jerseys are usually not the most interesting items we come across, this time it is very different.

Nike Barca 20-21 Training Jersey

Check out Nike's Barcelona 20-21 training jersey below.

A modern and outstanding look, the new the new FC Barcelona 2020-21 training jersey is maroon and yellow. The front of the jersey is really plain (just the Beko logo and Barca crest), the sleeves of the jersey boast a big Swoosh and a strip with the Catalan flag colors.

A subtle pattern can be seen on the sleeves. The back is plain with just the Beko logo.

We expect that the Barca 20-21 training jersey is not exclusively designed for the club but based on a global new 2020-21 Nike template. The new Nike 2020-2021 training template also comes with a brand-new cut, especially in the sleeve area for no distractions.

The Nike FC Barcelona 2020-21 training jersey will be released in Summer 2020.

Do you like Barcelona training jersey for 2020-21? What do you think of the all-new design and the new 2020 Nike template? Drop us a line below.