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INSANE: Ilkeston Town FC Steals Huddersfield Town Logo For New Club Crest

English lower-division club Ilkeston Town FC this week released an all-new logo. Shortly after the brand-new crest was revealed, fans noted that the new logo is not really unique but directly inspired by the logo of another English club - Huddersfield.

Ilkeston Town FC currently plays in the Northern Premier League, which is on pyramid Level 7 and 8 in England. Ilkeston Town FC was formed in July 2017 after the previous football club in the town, Ilkeston F.C, was folded.

Ilkeston Town FC 2019 Logo

The new club Ilkeston Town FC club brand is totally different to their previous crest that was designed in 2010 for the previous football club in the town, Ilkeston F.C. However, while it looks rather good at first glance, a second look reveals that it is not really a bespoke artwork by the club.

In fact, the new Ilkeston Town FC 2019 Logo is remarkably similar to the crest of Huddersfield Town FC. Below is a description from the club's official website about their new crest.

Ilkeston Town FC 2019 Crest Explained

The Outline Crest

The outline of the new brand was a simple modernisation of the historic towns Coat Of Arms (Crest). We all feel at the club that the towns Crest should have an impact on our designs.

There are further adaptations from the Crest within the Badge.

The Colour Scheme

All of the colours of the new branding will also be fully incorporated into the home and away playing kits moving forward.

This will help form the clubs true identity.

The Robin

The robin on a ball is a slight modernisation of the current logo which also relates to the nickname of Ilkeston Town Football Club. We felt that this needed to be prominent and that is why it sits at the top of the design.

The Mining Logo

The mining element is to symbolise the fact that the New Manor Ground is located directly on top of an historic coal mine and the importance of the mine to the community over the years that have passed.


The year the club was first formed.


The year the club reformed.

We are currently striving toward a realignment of the modern club with the long history of the original Ilkeston Town F.C.

The Poppy

The poppy is a symbol of remembrance, this seemed appropriate as the club was first formed two months before WWII ended.

It also signifies Hope For A More Peaceful Future and with the turmoil of recent years at the club, this statement feels extremely relevant.


It translates to: WORK CONQUERS ALL

This latin motto is also prominent on the towns Coat Of Arms.

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