Galatasaray 20-21 Away Kit Leaked

Update: Esvaphane have updated their render of the upcoming Galatasaray away shirt. The updated draft sees the yellow accents removed, while the graphic continues onto the sleeves.

Update: A picture showing the Galatasaray 20-21 away kit in the 'fan shirt' version has been leaked via @esvaphane, who have also created a render showing what the actual jersey should look like.

In case you don't, the 'fan shirt' is a very basic version of shirts that Nike sells for select teams. It usually features the same base design but is made of a regular t-shirt material and doesn't have the template details such as specific collars or the side panels in this case.

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Nike Galatasaray 2020-21 Away Shirt

Check out Nike's Galatasaray 20-21 away jersey below.

The Nike Galatasaray 20-21 away football shirt is predominantly black with a bold graphic print appearing on the front in red.

The Nike logo and the Galatasaray club crest, which is used in a monochrome variant, are yellow.

Galatasaray's new 20-21 away jersey is set to be launched in July / August 2020.

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