Nike Air Max Inspired - Galatasaray 20-21 Third Kit Design Leaked

Yesterday, we leaked that the Nike 2020-2021 third jerseys will be inspired by famous Air Max shoes. Thanks to Turkish Galatasaray SK's new 2020-2021 third kit experts esvaphane, we are able to reveal the first information about Galatasaray's new third strip.

Galatasaray Nike 20-21 Third Jersey

Check out Nike's Gala 20-21 third shirt below.

Galatasaray's 20-21 third jersey will feature a bright design. It will be mainly yellow with a gradeint to “Chile Red”, which is a different shade from the red tone used in Galatasaray's home jersey.

In fact, the design of Galatasaray's 2020-21 third jersey can be seen on an anthem jacket. The pattern with the yellow-red transition is on the sleeve of the jacket. The text "GALATASARAY" will also find its place on the Galatasaray 2020-21 third jersey.

Another interesting detail of the anthem jacket is the “Gs GALA” logo on the left sleeve. This logo actually belongs to Tn AIR, a sub-series of the Nike AIR Max.

The Nike Air Max Plus Tn Air Ultra Tiger has a similar color combination similar as Galatasaray's shirt.

The shorts of the Galatasaray 2020-2021 third strip are yellow.

The Nike Galatasaray 2020-2021 third jersey will be available from September 3.

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