Iridescent, (Very) Cheap-Looking Adidas Euro 2020 Takedown Ball Leaked

Tuesday, 29 October 2019
Images of an interesting-looking silver Adidas Euro 2020 Uniforia football got leaked by famous leakers ofoball. We take a more detailed look at the takedown soccer ball that is officially called Adidas Uniforia EURO 2020 Soccer Ball - Match Ball Replica Training.

5 Unique Adidas Uniforia Euro 2020 Takedown Balls Leaked

Iridescent Adidas Uniforia EURO 2020 Soccer Ball - Match Ball Replica Training - Silver / Black / Multicolor

A striking look, this Adidas Uniforia EURO 2020 Takedown Soccer Ball has a shimmering silver iridescent upper, black logos and colorful graphic elements. It is a design that looks cheap for us.

Tech-wise, the iridescent silver Adidas Uniforia EURO 2020 takedown is the worst Size 5 football Adidas offers. It is called Adidas Match Ball Replica Training - you may better know it as Adidas Glider football - the Glider name was apparently ditched.

The iridescent Adidas Uniforia EURO 2020 takedown football will be released in November / December 2019 for around 20 Euro.

Adidas Uniforia Euro 2020 Ball Leaked - Official Pictures of 'OMB' Version

What do you think of the iridescent EURO 2020 ball takedown? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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