Say Goodbye - Last-Ever Adidas Glitch Football Boot Released

In August 2019, Adidas announced that the quite revolutionary, interchangeable Adidas Glitch concept will disappear at the end of the year, in December 2019. Now the last-ever edition of the interchangeable Adidas Glitch football boot has been revealed, and it is as outstanding as almost all previous colorways.

Adidas Cancels Adidas Glitch Football Boots

Last-Ever Adidas Glitch Soccer Cleats - Edition #093 - Limited To 100 Skins

An outstanding and unique design, the last-ever Adidas Glitch skin draws inspiration from the gods of Greek Mythology, as tribute to the modern-day Gods of Football.

The look of the last-ever Adidas Glitch soccer boot was created by the UK’s Chris Pottle. The final release of the Glitch series is limited to just 100 skins - The last-ever Adidas Glitch football boot skin is the 93th skin of the Adidas Glitch.

Tech-wise, these last-ever Adidas Glitch football boot skin is the same as all previous synthetic releases of the Adidas Glitch 2.0, the Adidas Glitch 19. The Adidas Glitch have a laceless design with a synthetic upper that has to be combined with a fitting inner shoe.

The last-ever and all other Adidas Glitch cleat skins are available in the Adidas Glitch App until December 31 2019, it was announced.

Do you like the last-ever edition of the Adidas Glitch football boots? Will you miss the Adidas Glitch? Let us know in the comments below.