SPAL 19-20 Third Kit Released - Unique Touches In Honor Of Ferrara

Italian Serie A side SPAL have presented the last of their 19/20 jersey, designed by Macron. The the SPAL 2019-2020 third strip has been unveiled in the Council Room of Ferrara Castle and has been made as a tribute to the province of Ferrara.

SPAL Ferrara 2019-20 Third Shirt

This is the new Macron SPAL third football shirt for 19-20.

The the SPAL 2019-2020 third jersey is anthracite grey with a Korean neck collar finished in sky blue and sleeves finished with sky blue and gold

S.P.A.L.'s new 19-20 third shirt has many bespoke details in tibute to the province of Ferrara. On the rear of the collar is the coat of arms of the province formed through the union of the symbols of the most important municipalities. Embossed across the lower front of the shirt is a map of the province while embossed on the back are the names of all 21 municipalities that make of the province.

Anthracite grey shorts and socks round off the look of the new SPAL Ferrara 19-20 third strip by Macron.

S.P.A.L.'s new 2019-2020 third jersey is available since October 11, retailing at 79 Euro.

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