5 Things That Make Adidas 2020 Kits Bad

We do not make this kind of articles often, but we just couldn't justify it for ourselves to do it not - An opinion article about Adidas' new 2020 jerseys and its "designs". So here is our commentary about Adidas' 2020 soccer jerseys, and why we think they are bad.

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OPINION: Plain Backs, Same Designs For Many Teams & No Collar Variation: Adidas 2020 Kits Are Bad

There are five important reasons why we think Adidas' 2020 jerseys are bad.

First, all Adidas 2020 jerseys feature a modern collar. There is no jersey with a classic collar - in fact, there are just three different collars - standard crew neck, v-neck and large Condivo v-neck. Nike's 1990s-inspired 19-20 third jerseys show how it could be.

Second, Adidas' 2020 kits always seem feature a plain back. This is no problem with the Wales kit in example, but the Japan jersey just looks horrendous if not seen from the front but from the back. Even Germany's jersey has an one-colored back.

Third, Adidas again has designed no bespoke pre-match jerseys. So every team will be wearing the same jersey ahead of a match, just with different colors.

Fourth, all Adidas teams will have the same goalkeeper jersey in 2020, just as in previous years.

Fifth, and most ridiculous, many teams are even getting the exactly same player kit, just with different colors (INCLUDING the identical Condivo 20 graphic for Russia, Colombia, Argentina, Belgium & more). The kits of Scotland, Hungary and Northern Ireland come with different variations of the same graphic...

REVEALED: (Almost) All Adidas 2020 Kits Feature Same 'Design'

Those big problems are obvious to see and we are pretty sure that Adidas knows them as well. There are reasons for Adidas to do so - we think the main reason is to save money in the production - it is very cheap and easy to produce a kit without any details and with a standard design.

Of course, there are of course also many things that we like about Adidas 2020 jerseys in general, and we also like some of the Adidas kits quite much (e.g. Wales and Japan without the plain back). But we just had to write this article to be able to let out our anger and to sleep well again.

Please not that unlike previously stated, Adidas' 2020 kits feature bespoke typefaces for each nation. Thumbs up for Adidas.

What do you think of the Adidas 2020 football kits? Would you like the brand to have more unique designs & templates? Share your thoughts in the comments below.