All Adidas Euro 2020 Home Kits Released

Adidas unveiled most of its Euro 2020 home kits today, including Belgium, Germany and Spain.

A unique approach was used for the Adidas Euro 2020 kits. Designers from across all parts of the brand produced hand-drawn sketches rather than using digital methods. These artworks would later become the inspiration for the final patterns, color choices and number graphics of the jerseys.

Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director at adidas, commented: “It was a unique challenge to develop a line of jerseys that would successfully convey the raw emotion and unifying effect of football. But beginning the creative process focusing on hand drawings enabled us to be more direct, human and emotional in what we created. We’re delighted with an end result that truly succeeds in uniting the worlds of art and football.”

Germany Euro 2020 Home Shirt

A modern look, the Adidas Germany 2020 home shirt is white with horizontal pinstripes covering the front and sleeves. As with Adidas' other Euro jerseys, the pinstripes feature a subtle brushstroke effect.

Germany Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked - Authentic (Player Issue) Version

Spain Adidas Euro 2020 Home Kit

The new Spain Euro 2020 home shirt introduces an unusual look, although it features the traditional colors red and yellow.

Spain Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked - New Pictures

Belgium Adidas Euro 2020 Home Shirt

Predominantly red, Belgium's Euro 2020 home jersey boasts a large and eye-catching graphic that consists of black and red brushstrokes on the front.

Belgium Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked - New Pictures

Sweden Euro 2020 Home Shirt

Inspired by early 2000s Adidas, the Adidas Sweden 2020 home shirt is roughly based on the Condivo 20 template. Specifically, it features the template's trademark huge collar and high sleeve cuffs.

Sweden Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked - New Pictures

Russia Adidas Euro 2020 Home Jersey

Based on Condivo 20 with its high collar and broad sleeve cuffs, the Russia Euro 2020 home jersey sees the collar colored in white and the sleeve cuffs split between blue and white, which, together with the base of the shirt, recreates the Russian flag.

Russia Euro 2020 Home Kit Released

Northern Ireland 2020 Home Kit

The Adidas Northern Ireland 2020-2021 home jersey is green with a diagonal brush-stroke pattern all over.

Northern Ireland 2020 Home Kit Leaked - New Picture

Scotland Adidas 2020-2021 Home Jersey

In line with the other Adidas jerseys, Scotland's new 2020-2021 home jersey is dark blue with broad white-red sleeve cuffs and a "handpainted" hoop pattern on the front.

Scotland 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Hungary 2020-2021 Home Kit

The Adidas Hungary 2020-2021 home shirt features a design inspired by one of Hungary's biggest landmarks - the Danube. According to Adidas, the Adidas Hungary 2020 home jersey "perfectly combines a progressive and unique design with traditional colors and details."

Adidas Hungary 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Wales Adidas 2020-2021 Home Kit

A classic look inspired by past icons, the Adidas Wales 2020 home shirt is red with the simplified Wales badge sitting on the left chest.

Unique Wales 2020 Home Kit Leaked - New Picture

What's your favorite Adidas 2020 home kit? Drop us a line below, and check out the Euro 2020 Kit Overview, too.