Can They Match The Original Mercurial? Insane 10 USD Fake Nike "ME Zhenzue" China Boots

Wednesday, 6 November 2019
While browsing trough the internet, we came across one of the most insane fake offer we have ever seen - a fake Nike Mercurial football boot available for around 10 USD. We take a closer look at them to find out if they can "match the original Mercurial".

Nike "Mezhenzu" Soccer Cleats

Dubbed the "Mezhenzu" / (ME Zhenzue) (from Mercurial), the fake China Mercurials come with a Mercurial-stolen Mezhenzu logo on the rear area and a fake Swoosh-like design on the outstep. More logos of the Chinese company (or the boot, we are not sure) can be found on the tongue.

The Mezhenzu football boots are available in a range of different colorways, which are all taken from real Mercurials.

Tech-wise, the Mezhenzu soccer shoes can not match at all with the high-end Mercurials. Instead, they rather look like the most cheap takedown of the original Mercurials. In example, they have a standard tongue and a standard TPU upper.

While the upper looks at least a bit as the one of the original Nike Mercurial Vapor XI, the sole plate is completely different to the real product. The Mezhenzu" soccer cleats have a plastic AG plate for artificial grass.

What is most insane about the boot is that the "Mezhenzu" soccer boots are available for wholesale on infamous Chinese webstore Alibaba. The minimum order quantity is five pairs - prices range between just US$8,80 - US$12,40 per pair, regarding how many boots you order.

What do you think of the ME Zhenzue Nike fake soccer cleats? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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