INSANE: Puma Steals Nike Laser Cut Kit Technology From 2012

Puma this week released the first batch of their EURO 2020 kits. Following on the reveal, we noted that the Authentic Puma 2020-2021 kits come with a new feature that was obviously not invented by Puma.

Italy Euro 2020 Away Kit Revealed

Puma Introduces Nike-Esque Ventilation Holes For Authentic Kits

The new Puma 2020 authentic (player issue) jerseys come with all-new ventilation holes on both the left and right side in the top area front area of the jersey, as well as on the back under the collar.

However, Puma's ventilation holes are nothing really innovative. In fact, Nike introduced those ventilation holes with their EURO 2012 football kits almost eight years ago. Nike's laser-cut holes featured below the armpit area in 2012, and in similar place as Puma in 2015.

In 2012, Nike's press release stated that the "laser-cut ventilation holes are placed in areas where players need cooling most." The center back of the shorts featured Nike’s signature laser vents as well, also designed to aid in cooling and allow for moisture management.

Puma's new 2020 soccer jerseys also feature plastic stripes that cover some seams in the shoulders area, similar to Nike's infamous rubber stripes on the shoulders of the Nike EURO 2012 kits.

The "Puma laser-cut holes" are used for all authentic (player issue) Puma 2020 kits.

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