Manchester United 2020 Pre-Match Top Leaked - Next or Current Season?

Pictures of an outstanding Manchester United 2020 (pre-match) top have been leaked.

We are not sure whether the pictures of this new Manchester United pre-match kit show a design for the current or the next season - It could be either released for the end of the 2019-20 season (more likely) or for the start of the 2020-21 season (less likely).

Man Utd Adidas 2020 Pre-Match Jersey

Check out Adidas' Manchester United 2020 pre-match football shirt below.

Manchester United's 2020 pre-match top features a modern yet outstanding graphic design look in black and red, the club's famous colors.

A band created with the team's name Man Utd runs down both sleeves. Monochrome white logos are used on Manchester United's new 2020 pre-match jersey.

We expect the MUFC 2020 pre-match football shirt to be launched sometimes in 2020. It could be also already released in December 2019, but that is unlikely.

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