Not Only Puma - All Brands Who Have Stolen Nike Laser Cut Kit Technology - New Balance, Macron & Many Other

Friday, 15 November 2019
Some days ago, we reported that German brand Puma copied the laser-cut kit technology Nike introduced almost ten years ago. However, it is nothing new that brands got inspired by Nike and also introduced ventilation holes to their kits - we take a look at which other brands have "stolen Nike's technology". Thanks to La Casaca.

INSANE: Puma Steals Nike Laser Cut Kit Technology From 2012

Ventilation Holes Of Other Brands Copied From Nike

The Nike laser-cut technology was first also used by Umbro, who were back then a subsidiary from Nike (so it was not stolen). The first brand who really stole it was Topper in 2013, while many other brands should follow in the next years.

In fact, almost all big brands have copied Nike's technology, including New Balance, Macron and Kappa. Kappa even called the ventilation holes "Laser cut ventilation holes"....

Ari Football


New Balance






What do you think of this? Do you know other brands who have copied Nike's laser-cut kit technology? Comment below.
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