Nike Portugal Euro 2020 Away Kit Leaked - New Picture

Update #2: We were sent another image of the Portugal 2020 away shirt. It's showing a fake based on the real design.

Update: We've got word that the Portugal Euro 2020 away kit is actually slightly different than what we showed you before. Instead of the zig-zag stripes on the sides, there's a straight black stripe on each side, while the sleeve cuffs are also black.

The design of the Portugal 2020 away kit is quite outrageous but matches what we shared with you a little over a month ago.

Portugal Euro 2020 Home Kit Leaked

Portugal Nike 2020 Away Shirt

This is the new Nike Portugal away jersey for Euro 2020.

Portugal's 2020 away football shirt introduces a bold design roughly inspired by the iconic 2016 away. Although based on the infamous Vapor Aeroswift template, Portugal's Euro 2016 away shirt is well regarded because of how frequently it was used during the successful tournament.

In a twist, Portugal's new Euro 2020 away football shirt combines the predominantly light teal base color with an eye-catching hoop design. The hoops consists of thinner horizontal stripes in black, red and a darker, more saturated shade of teal.

In terms of template, the Portugal 2020 away jersey is based on what we've already seen for England and the Netherlands. In fact, the collar used is the same 'v' design found on Holland's jersey. However, instead of the zig-zag stripes found on most Nike Euro 2020 shirts, the Portugal one features straight black stripes on the sides, as well as the black sleeve cuffs.

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