Revolution? All-New TRU Tenaci Boots Released - First-Ever Football Boots By TRUsox

Friday, 29 November 2019
TRU, the company behind the famous TRUsox football socks, has released its first-ever football boot. The all-new soccer cleat by TRU is called TRU Tenaci.

Revolution Incoming? TruSox To Release First-Ever Football Boots

TRU Tenaci Football Boots

According to TRU, the TRU™ Tenaci™ football boots complete the ultimate grip solution, delivering an unrivaled connection between the athlete and the ground. Elite athletes would be able to "expect the same level of innovation and performance from the Tenaci as they have have experienced with TRUsox™."

The upper and the hole construction of the TRU Tenaci football boots are nothing revolutionary - they have a standard classic cut and a knitted-like soft tongue that is directly connected to the upper. The upper is made of a soft microfiber material - the exact tech specification of the upper were not revealed by TRU.

The innovation of the TRU Tenaci and its trademark feature can be found on the bottom part of the shoes, as you would expect it from the anti-slips sock company.

"The uniquely designed insole creates a seamless interconnection between your foot and shoe. Patented IN//EX™ Technology carefully integrated to both surfaces of the insole and boot chassis, results in a relationship between your foot, shoe and ground that has ever been experienced before."

The first-ever "TRUsox football boots are made for maximum acceleration, maximum deceleration, explosive change of direction

If we look at the colorway and design of the first-ever TRU football boot, they are nothing extraordinary. The TRU™ Tenaci™ launch edition is all-black with the company's trademark dot pattern in the heel area.

Only 3,000 pairs of the TRU Tenaci soccer cleats are available worldwide for $240 from January 2020. Similar what Tesla is doing with cars, 500 pairs are available Black Friday for Deposit of $100.

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What's your first verdict on the TRU Tenaci, the first-ever football boor by TRU, the company behind the revolutionary TRUsox™? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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