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Revolution Incoming? TruSox To Release First-Ever Football Boots

Some years ago, a small brand from the US introduced what would become one of the most significant breakthroughs in sportswear technology in recent history - revolutionary anti-slip socks, called TruSox. Now TruSox might release their first-ever football boot.

TruSox was created and founded by former American soccer player Jim Cherneski. Most people got first known about them when players in Premier League wore the socks with "hose dots peeking above the boots of famous Premier League footballers" like Gareth Bale in 2011.

TRUboots - First-Ever TruSox Football Boot

So far, TruSox only released a teaser image with a black silhouette of what we expect to be the brand's first-ever soccer boot (with the hashtags #TRUsox #TRUboots #TRU #TRUth #performance #soccer #football #footballboots #footballcleats #soccerboots #soccercleats). The black silhouette does not reveal very much - the boot has a traditional low-cut silhouette with TruSox trademark dots visible on the heel.

The first-ever TruSox football boots will possibly be called TruBoots, at least the Hashtags from the brand's social media post suggest that.

TruSox already created American football and baseball cleats. The TruSox cleats are called "TruAthletic" boots and were worn by NFL footballer Mohamed Sanu Sr. and baseball star Miguel Cabrera.

In fact, TruSox founder Jim Cherneski already revealed in an interview in 2016 with The Set Pieces that TruSox are set to release a football boot...

"Youโ€™re now expanding into other areas of sports apparel including boots โ€“ tell us about TruAthleticโ€ฆ

We have a patent for an insole that locks into the shoe and the sock that has our technology โ€“ the external and internal non-slip material. From April of this year the best baseball player in the world โ€“ Miguel Cabrera โ€“ was wearing TruAthletic shoes in major league baseball and weโ€™re going to have multiple players in the Premier League next year wearing TruAthletic boots."

The first-ever TruSox football boots will be limited to 3,000 pairs - 500 pairs will be available to pre-order on Black Friday.

Stay tuned for more details on the possible first-ever TruSox football boots as we receive them.

Do you look forward to see the first-ever TruSox football boots? What do you expect from them? Share your thoughts in the comments below.