100% Stolen From Off-White - Crazy Adidas Tango 2020 'Off-White' Kit Leaked

A crazy-looking Adidas 2020 lifestyle jersey has been leaked. Made for the "Adidas Tango Sqaud", the new 2020 Adidas kit is obviously inspired by Off-White's trademark designs.

Adidas Tango 2020 Kit

This is the Adidas Tango 2020 Off-White shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Tango 2020 'Off-White' shirt boasts a crazy design inspired by the iconic Arsenal Bruised Banana jersey. The new Adidas Tango 2020 football shirt is yellow with navy graphic design. Orange is used for the applications.

Instead of a team name, logos or other team-related things, Adidas Tango's 2020-2021 'Off-White' jersey just comes with 'placeholders'.

The whole style of the Adidas Tango 2020 football shirt is obviously stolen by Off-White's trademark products, who collaborated with Nike last year.

Available from early 2020, the Adidas Adidas Tango 2020-2021 football shirt retails at 50 Euro.

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