Spectacular Adidas X Ghosted Captain Tsubasa Boots Revealed

Tuesday, 18 August 2020
Update: The Adidas X Ghosted Tsubasa special-edition boots in blue have been revealed by Thai soccer store Ari Football. They are available just in the lower-tier takedowns, X Ghosted.3 TF. Adidas should also release a high-end colorway of the Adidas X Ghosted Tsubasa soccer cleat (X Ghosted+ & X Ghosted.1), which will likely feature a different design.

"Ghosted": Next-Gen Adidas X to Receive New Name?

Adidas Captain Tsubasa X Ghosted Boots

This picture shows the Adidas X Ghosted 'Captain Tsubasa' soccer cleat (X Ghosted.3 TF).

The Adidas Captain Tsubasa boots introduce a bold design with a graphic print covering the entire upper.

The overall look of the Adidas X Ghosted Tsubasa boots is quite similar to the custom-made Adidas X Captain Tsubasa boots worn by Lukas Podolski two years ago.

Lukas Podolski Shows Off New Adidas Captain Tsubasa Boots

The 3 Stripes in the front, which are "inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon in attack mode", are red, as is the graphic detail on the heel.

Based on the all-new X Ghosted, the first-ever Adidas Captain Tsubasa boots will be available across all tiers starting from the laceless Ghosted+ and laced Ghosted.1.

Adidas X Ghosted+ - Features

  • Carbon Fiber Speedframe: Ultra lightweight construct with revolutionary carbon fiber insert in the forefoot
  • Laceless vacuum fit: a new 4-way stretch material allows for easier step in and provides secure lock down. The boot fits snug around foot allowing for a vacuum fit experience
  • Mirageskin: ultra lightweight material composite that molds around the foot like a second skin. The thin package comes with a revolutionary translucent optic and allows for a crisp and direct ball touch, tailored wireframe support structures provide stability.
  • Minimalistic low-cut collar provides maximum freedom of movement around the ankle
  • 3d molded heel: 2 cushion inserts provide comfort and lockdown to prevent heel slippage. A new innovative slit in the middle of the heel alleviates pressure on the Achilles tendon.
  • Sprint spike silhouette: newly engineered last with a slight toe spring
  • New stud configuration is optimized for acceleration
  • Faster branding: inspired by the wings of the peregrine falcon in attack mode
  • Release date: Summer 2020

The spectacular Adidas X Ghosted Captain Tsubasa football boots were released in August 2020.

Adidas Captain Tsubasa X Ghosted Boots

The Adidas Captain Tsubasa boots introduce a more understated design that the other colorway. The graphic print is black-and-white instead of full-color.

White / Black / Red Adidas X Ghosted Captain Tsubasa 2020 Boots Leaked

Do you like the look of the Adidas Captain Tsubasa football boots? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and check out the Boot Calendar for more.
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