All-New South Korea Logo Revealed

Confirming the leak, the South Korea Football Association launched an all-new logo visual identity for 2020 and beyond.

South Korea 2020 Home Kit (Authentic Version) Leaked: All-New Logo

New South Korea Logo - 2020

This is the completely new South Korea national team badge.

The new South Korea logo is completely different to the current crest. Whereas the old logo comes with a rather classic look including a traditional-looking tiger, the new Korea logo comes with a futuristic looking and more aggressive tiger face.

Colors of the new logo are similar but not identical - the gold has been replaced with red. The shape of the logo is also totally different, all made for a more aggressive and futuristic look.

"The KFA explained the new logo consists of four key elements - with the pointed top of the tiger face encapsulating their brand essence of ‘moving forward’, the tiger representing heritage, the shape of the face representing a football formation and the frame symbolic of the football ground."

The lettering Korea will be below the South Korea Football Association logo on South Korea's jerseys, just as before.

The new logo and visual identify will be fully adopted by the South Korean national teams in 2020.

The Nike South Korea 2020 home kit with the completely new logo will be launched today.

South Korea 2020 Home Kit (Authentic Version) Leaked: All-New Logo

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