LEAKED: Nike USA 2020 Kits To Feature Classic Nike Logo + 1990s Design?

Update: The USA 2020 home and away kits have been leaked, indeed featuring the classic 'Futura' logo.

Launched Today: Nike USA 2020 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Leaked

Update: Some more items of the USA 2020 training collection have been leaked. They pretty much confirm that both the USA 2020 home and away jerseys will feature a classic Swoosh. They could also have a classic 90s design in general, or at least in some parts...

Nike will release a new home and a new away kit for the US Men's national team in 2020.

Nike did release a new home kit for the US Women's national team in 2019. That home kit was not worn by the Men's team, who instead regularly wore the 2019 away kit (used by Men's and Women's), even at home.

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Nike USA 2020 Home Jersey

Check out a jacket of the Nike's US Men's National Team 2020-2021 home jersey below.

The leaked images show off some different Nike USA items for 2020. They all have a classic Swoosh next to the US Soccer logo as well as a classic approach in general.

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Template-wise, it is almost certain that the Nike USA 2020-2021 home jersey will be based on the same template as the other Nike 2020 jersey for its national teams. The Nike 2020 National Team template boasts a 2000s inspired look with a lightning zap design on the side as most remarkable feature.

The USA 2020-2021 home jersey jacket also gives us a first look at the colors of the Nike USA 2020-2021 home jersey - the kit will be mainly white with navy-blue logos and red applications.

The new US Men's National Team 2020 jerseys will be released in March / April 2020.

Stay tuned for more about the Nike USA 2020 jerseys in the coming weeks.

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