Prediction: Unique FC Barcelona 20-21 Pre-Match Design Leaked

Update: @soccept has created a concept design of how the Barcelona 2020-21 pre-match shirt could look like.

Update: We have received more information about the unique Nike FC Barcelona 2020-21 collection items. The are inspired by the iconic mosaic designs of famous Barcelona artist Gaudi. However, Nike will not release an actual kit featuring this design; it will instead be used for the pre-match jersey(s). Stay tuned for more info.

Unique FC Barcelona 2020-21 Design Only For Pre-Match Shirt Almost Certainly

Update: A ball with the design of the possible Nike FC Barcelona 2020-2021 Special Edition kit has been leaked. That makes it more likely that Nike will release a FC Barcelona SE jersey with the design in late 2020. Thanks to Ofoball for the images.

Nike will possibly release a special-edition kit for Barcelona next season, leaked pictures suggest. The 2020-2021 Nike Barca SE jersey boasts the club's Blaugrana colors with an optical twist. Thanks to Ofoball for pictures.

In fact, Nike already released a special FC Barcelona kit in November 2019 - the Nike Barca Mash-Up Jersey.

Barcelona 20-21 Special Edition Kit

This image shows the Nike Barcelona 2020-2021 special-edition jersey.

The Barcelona 20-21 fourth / Special Edition jersey boasts an one-of-a-kind look - it features differently sized "squares" in an abstract 3D style with an optical illusion.

The Nike 2020-2021 SE kit will be combined with the club's usual yellow golden color for the Swoosh.

If released, we think that the Barcelona 2020-21 special-edition jersey will be come out in November 2020.

Stay tuned for more info about the Nike Barcelona 20-21 special-edition kit over the coming weeks.

What do you think? Would you like Nike to release a FC Barcelona 20-21 SE kit with such a design? Also check out the Kit Overview for more.