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Our 10 Best Kits Of The Decade

Some weeks ago, Bleacher Report revealed what are their 10 best kits of the decade, choosing 10 iconic shirts from 2010 to 2019. With the year and also the decade coming to an end, now we at Footy Headlines have picked the 10 Best Kits of The Decade.

10 | Chelsea 2012-13 Home Kit

Blue and gold, the Adidas Chelsea 2012-13 home kit was worn in the season after the team won the Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Adidas did not this when designing the jersey...

9 | Real Madrid 2014-15 Third Kit

Designed by Yohji Yamamoto, the Madrid 2014-2015 Dragon third jersey is the non-limited edition kit of the decade that is most expensive to get today.

8 | Netherlands 2014 World Cup Away Kit

One of the most stylish kits ever released, the jersey was worn in that match against Spain in the 2014 World Cup. You surely remember van Persie's goal.

7 | FC Barcelona 2010-11 Home Kit

The last FC Barcelona jersey to feature a non-Qatar / usual sponsor, the FC Barcelona 2010-11 Home Kit by Nike was used by the club in the 2011 Champions League triumph against Manchester United.

6 | Torino 2015-16 Third Kit

The Torino 2015 16 Third Kit was an instant hi when being released. It is considered by very many as the best kit of 2015-2016.

5 | Inter 2010-11 Away Kit

Playing with the team's nickname Il Biscione (The Big Grass Snake), the Nike Inter 2010-2011 away jersey was worn in the season that marked the end of the successful Mourinho era.

4 | Juventus 2011-12 Away Kit

The Juventus 11-12 away kit boasts a bold design, inspired by the club's original pink jersey.

3 | Real Madrid 2011-12 Home Kit

White and gold with a classic collar, it is easy to see why the Real Madrid 11-12 home kit was very popular.

2 | Nigeria 2018 World Cup Home Kit

The Nigeria 2018 World Cup jersey was likely the most hyped ever football kit. It would be our number 1 if Nigeria would have had some success wearing it - they didn't survive the group phase.

1 | Germany 2014 World Cup Home Kit

While it split people's opinion when being released, the Germany 2014 World Cup Home Kit became the most popular and best-ever selling Germany jersey in history, with Germany winning the World Cup wearing it.

Do you agree? Which is your favorite shirt of the decade? What are your 10 favorite kits from 2010-2019? Comment below.