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8 Amazing Retro Kit Concepts - Inspired By Chelsea's New Nike 'FA Cup Kit'

On Sunday, January 5, Chelsea FC debuted their stunning Nike 1970-inspired fourth kit in the FA Cup against Nottingham Forest. The kit was very much appreciated by fans - shortly after, Bleacher Report imagined how such a retro kit could look like for eight big European clubs, including FC Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus and Manchester United.

Fresh kits, retro looks by Bleacher Report

Most of the retro kits by Bleacher Report either feature classic club logos or kits with just an iconic element of the club, e.g. the devil for Manchester United. Unlike Chelsea's kit, they come without any brandings or sponsor logos. The Nike Chelsea FC 2019-20 4th kit has blue on blue logos.

Would you like to see brands releasing these kits? Which of the 8 shirts is your favorite? Comment below.