Black Kits Were Forbidden In English Football Until 1992 - Here Is Why

We are used for football kits to boast wild colors, and every season brands are releasing jerseys in virtually every color that exists. However, that has not always been the case. In fact, some colors were even forbidden to be used by teams Thanks to La Casaca for the hint.

Black Kits Were Reserved For Referees Until 1993 In England

You might not know about it, but until 1992, teams were forbidden to have black jerseys in England due to FA rules. Why? Black is the traditional color worn by officials, and "the man in black" is widely used as an informal term for a referee. Today, a vide range of colors is being used to minimize color clashes.

With the launch of the English Premier League in 1992, the FA decided to drop their ban on clubs wearing black. Following the decision, a vogue of all-black change jerseys began, with Manchester United leading the way in 1993 by releasing an all-black / yellow kit.

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Man Utd was the first team to get an all-black kit, and that kit was worn by Eric Cantona when he made that infamous kick, on January 25 1995, around 25 years ago from today.

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In fact, in lower-league football, the color black is still reserved for the referees even after all the years in which colourful jerseys have been available for them too. So if you want to play in black, this must always be agreed with the referee.

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