Here Is Why PSG Players Had Different, 'False' Numbers Yesterday

If you watched yesterday's Coupe de France match between PSG and FC Lorient, you likely have wondered why the numbers of the PSG players were different to those you are used to. Let us find out why almost all PSG players wore different numbers than usually.

Coupe de France Rules State That Starting Players Have To Wear Number 1-11

In example, striker Icardi did not wear the #18 shirt but the shirt with #9. Other players who were different numbers include Neymar (12) and Mbappé (14). Some players like Thiago Silva (#2) wore their usual numbers.

The reason for the strange numbers is that as stated in the Coupe de France rules, the starting 11 players much wear numbers 1-11 and bench players wear numbers 12-18.

In fact, prior to kickoff between Paris Saint-Germain and FC Lorient in the Coupe de France, Kylian Mbappé shared a photo on Twitter of him and Neymar Jr. holding their match jerseys. Oddly, Neymar had a number 12 shirt and the Frenchman a number 14. Neymar is PSG’s number 10 and Mbappé wears number 7

In the caption of his photo, Mbappé jokingly referred to himself and Neymar as Frenchman Thierry Henry (who famously wore 14) and Brazilian futsal player Falcão who wore number 12.

PSG's jersey did also not feature the usual PSG sponsor but the logo of banking company Crédit Agricole, who are the global away team sponsor in the Coupe de France. PSG also had a different, streamlined Coupe de France typeface.

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