Insane - Peruvian Club Rips Off Adidas + Hummel + Nike In One Kit

Saturday, 25 January 2020
In less than two weeks, the Peruvian 2020 season will begin. With it, we get a look at the quite insane jerseys of newly promoted team Deportivo Llacuabamba, which merge the trademark elements of three different brands - Adidas, Hummel and Nike.

Club Social Cultural Deportivo Llacuabamba is a Peruvian football club, based in the city of Llacuabamba, Pataz, La Libertad. The club was founded in 2011. In 2019 Copa Perú, the club was promoted to the Peruvian Primera División. They currently play in the Liga 1 tournament for the first time in their history.

Llacuabamba Lomas 2020 Home Kit

This is the Deportivo Llacuabamba 2020 home jersey, made by Lomas.

The Deportivo Llacuabamba 2020 home jersey features a clean design in the club's colors white, sky blue, gold and black. However, while it looks pretty good at first glance, it has several elements stolen from other brands.

First, the logo of the Lomas Deportivo Llacuabamba 2020 home football shirt maker Lomas looks like the one of Adidas. The chevrons on the side are taken from Hummel. The overall cut and "knit" material is inspried by Nike.

On the lower left part is an authentic label that looks very similar to the one of Adidas for their brand-new 2020 Deportivo Llacuabamba's new 2020 home shirts - just with the Lomas logo...

The Deportivo Llacuabamba 2020 home jersey gets coupled with white / sky blue / gold / black shorts and white / black / sky blue socks.

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