Laceless + Highcut: Black Next-Gen New Balance Tekela v3 Boots Leaked

Besides the white colorway we showed a while back, New Balance also have a black edition of their upcoming Tekela v3 boot model lined up. We expect both of these colorways to be released at around the same time and before the start of Euro 2020, i.e. in May or June.

New Balance Tekela v3 Soccer Cleats - Black / Silver / Orange / Red

This image shows one of the debut colorways of the NB Tekela 3.0 soccer cleat.

The New Balance Tekela v3 boots are predominantly black silver brandings - a large 'N' on the outstep and a lowercase 'new balance' text on the inside - and an eye-catching 'fire' graphic on the upper. A similar design also appears on the sole plate of the next-gen NB Tekela.

The rear area features the Tekela logo with the lettering Firm Ground below it. Finally, the upper has a distinct 3D-structure to it, albeit not highlighted by coloring.

In terms of tech, the New Balance Tekela 3.0 boots are of course the brand's first-ever high-cut, knitted and laceless boots.

Seeing the white colorway, we were immediately reminded of Adidas and Nike designs - this is not very surprising since they both much earlier adopted the high-cut, knitted upper design.

New Balance Tekela v3 'Regular'

There is also a version without the laceless upper, similar to the Predator 20.1.

We expect the next-gen New Balance Tekela 3.0 football boots to be released before the start of Euro 2020, i.e. in May or June.

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What do you think of the New Balance Tekela 3.0, NB's first-ever laceless boot? Comment below, and check out the Boot Calendar for more.