Away Kit Colors: Chelsea 20-21 Training Kit Leaked - No Sponsor Yet

Update: Chelsea's 2020-2021 training jersey is set to be launched soon. Another set of new pictures of the Chelsea 2020-2021 training got leaked. Chelsea does not have a training sponsor for 2020-21 yet - some pieces come with a silver Sponsor logo as placeholder.

We can today give you a first look at the Chelsea 2020-2021 training kit, which is set to be launched in July and features the same color as the away shirt.

Chelsea 20-21 Away Kit Design Leaked

Chelsea Nike 2020-2021 Training Kit

This is the new Nike Chelsea training football shirt for 20-21.

Based on the new NIke template, the Nike Chelsea FC 20-21 training jersey is mainly sky blue with royal blue logos.

The same color is used for the diagonal stripes on the sleeves of the Nike Chelsea 20-21 training football shirt, while the sleeve pattenr appears in a very understated manner.

Alternative Chelsea 20-21 training items with navy as main and turquoise as second color rounds off the stylish collection.

The Chelsea 2020-2021 training kit is set to be launched in July 2020.

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