Kappa Produces One-Off Of Child's Football Kit Imagination

Update: Kappa produced a one-off version of the hand-drawn soccer jersey. They used Saintetixx’s version of Evan’s shirt (and made one for his parent as well).

Update: The hand-drawn football kit by a young child will be produced in reality by Hope & Glory, a UK-based specialist sportswear company designing & manufacturing bespoke football kits and training wear. The proceeds are going to music therapy charity Soundwell Music Therapy Trust. Already available to pre-order, the kit will be sent out from late April 2020. The kit is officially called "@fistedaway / Soundwell Charity Shirt".

@fistedaway / Soundwell Charity Shirt

When Nike released the new it for the Nigerian national football team, the Swoosh did quite proudly announce that the jersey is not a template kit but that "the kit’s pattern was hand drawn, highly symbolic of Nigerian heritage with nods to nobility and family." Now a drawing of a football shirt by the son of a football fan made the waves on social media.

Kid Draws Football Kit

The hand-drawn design by the young child consists of different shades and triangles in a wide range of colors - from a bright over over silver to brown and blue. He also draw a small Swoosh on the right chest area and a abdge on the left side to round off the design.

French designer Saintetixx put the hand-drawn design onto his modern Nike football template, and PES kit maker GamerKits created it for Pro Evolution Soccer. Both reveal that the design does look quite impressive, especially if we would imagine it as keeper shirt.

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