Puma La Liga 20-21 'Adrenalina' and 'Accelerate' Balls Released

The two new La Liga official match balls by Puma, Adrenalina and Accelerate, were unveiled today with the motto "The Heart of LaLiga".

Instead of the usual mix of one ball for the start and end of the season, and one for the winter match - which didn't work out as planned last season due to Puma's choice of orange/red for the winter ball - the main option, Accelerate, will be used for the majority of games, with the fluo yellow 'Adrenalina' reserved for games like El Clásico, derbies and other "decisive matches".

Puma replaced Nike as the official ball supplier for La Liga ahead of last season.

Puma La Liga 20-21 'Accelerate' Ball

This image shows the Puma La Liga Accelerate 2020-2021 football.

The La Liga 2020-21 soccer ball is mainly white with a colorful upper graphic that features blue, red and yellow. A large Puma logo can be seen on the upper, with a more subtle application of the Liga logo placed under it.

"Balón oficial de LaLiga Temporada 2020-2021" (Official Football of LaLiga Season 2020-2021) is also printed on the ball.

Puma Lga Liga 20-21 'Adrenalina' Ball

This is the special La Liga 2020-21 'Adrenalina' football for the important matches.

The Adrenalina La Liga 20-21 ball is based on the same base but combines a fluo lemon base color with accents in dark blue.

Used during the most important of matches, the design of this ball "features electrifying patterns that refer to the nerves of the human body to reflect the increased heart rate and adrenaline that the body produces both in players on the field and in fans in the stands and at home", as per the league.

In terms of tech, the ball is based on Puma's new 'teamFINAL21' model, which retails at €10 more than its predecessor 'Final 1 Statement', €120. The La Liga editions cost €135.

Puma La Liga 20-21 Ball (teamFINAL21) - Features

  • Rubber foam for energy return
  • 8-panel, fuse welded design
  • Performance Texture Pro with grooves
  • Digital printed, high resolution graphic
  • Rubber bladder for good air-retention
  • PU layer for stable ball rebound
  • Price: €135
  • Release date: August 2020

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