Revolutionary? Smart Power Screw-In Studs

Friday, 6 March 2020
If you ever ever played on wet surfaces with FG boots, you surely have wished for having good old SG studs. However, while standard SG boots have been the same for more or less than half a century (with the exception of Nike's anti-clog plate), French company SMARTPOWER already some time ago released special SG studs to change the game of both rugby and soccer.

Since Summer 2019, SMARTPOWER has a partnership with French club AS Saint-Etienne that should help them to develop and optimize their products for football.

SMARTPOWER Profiler Studs

SMARTPOWER studs are designed to offer more acceleration, lateral stability, thrust and unparalleled comfort.

In addition and very importantly, players can choose the configuration according to their position. It is attaching to most shoes with screwed studs (universal thread & specific Adidas thread), its "clever and simple orientation system will allow you to adjust your configuration as you want."

The SMARTPOWER Profiler studs are available in different lengths optimized for various conditions, ranging from dry surfaces (8mm plastic studs) to very wet surfaces (21mm rugby). You can check out all configurations and stud lengths in this document.

According to SMARTPOWER CEO Stéphane Raymond, they are also possible to wear on artifical surfaces (if allowed...):

On What Types Of Terrain Do Your Cleats Perform Best?

"Natural and hybrid land. They can be used on synthetic terrain, if local regulations allow it, but the benefit is lower. But the Japanese rugby team recently demonstrated at the U Arena (synthetic field) against France that our crampons responded favorably."

Suitable For Any Type Of Field

Specially adapted to dry, semi-wet, wet, natural or stabilized fields thanks to its reduced contact surface, the Profiler stud enters the ground in depth. Its contact area offset from the axis allows, depending on its orientation, to modify the desired function of the stud: thrust, acceleration (stroke) or lateral and axial stability. Finally, its triangular shape allows a higher effective area (thrust) and increases your efficiency (power). Our advice is of course to test, during training or test sessions, the different configurations. Each player can have a different feeling. This equipment has passed the World Rugby tests and is in accordance with the rules of the game of football. Nevertheless, we advise you, because of the novelty, to present them on your initiative to the referee. If you want to use it in other sports, you will need to learn about the rules of approval.

Configuration for Footballers ⚽️: Ball control, stability, speed

The front studs are oriented diagonally towards the outside of the shoe. This orientation improves ball control.

The intermediate studs, on the middle part of the shoe, will always be oriented towards the outside of the foot (to the right for the right foot and to the left for the left foot). So be careful to orientate each foot differently. This will allow you to widen your footprint on the ground and optimise lateral stability when running or dribbling. You will also reduce the risk of injury due to a rotation of your ankle.

Finally, the rear crampons will be oriented backwards. They will allow you to stabilize yourself during sudden stops, with a backward position, on your heels, when changing direction or when hitting.

The SMARTPOWER stud sets are available for around 30 Euro, respectively.

However, as of today, SMARTPOWER's products have been much more well received in the world of rugby, while we have not spotted them in football in a big game yet.

Do you like the concept of SMARTPOWER for SG studs? Do you think that they make sense for footballers? Share your thoughts in the comments below and feel free to contact SMARTPOWER on social media for further questions.
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