US Women's Soccer Team Wears Kits Inside Out - Here Is Why

Friday, 13 March 2020
Ahead of the last match of the SheBelievesCup against Japan, the US Women's soccer team players entered the field with their jerseys on inside out. Let us find out why.

US Women's Soccer Team Protests Against In-equivalent Payment

The US Women's team did wear the jerseys inside out in protest to their federation. As you might know, there is a wage inequality between male and female players. A few days ago, some documents were revealed that include some quite unbelievable arguments by the US Soccer Federation for the inequality in payment.

In a response of the US Soccer Federation in the gender discrimination lawsuit filed by 28 US players, it is stated the the women's players would not get as much as the men's because they are not as skilled and work less-demanding jobs. For example, one reason is the fact that the men's team had to play against a hostile crowd in Mexico or Central America.

So, determined to conceal the American Soccer Federation's crest, the players arrived at Dallas' Toyota Stadium with their uniforms on backwards and kept it on during anthems. The four stars synonymous with four world championship titles were clearly visible.

Unlike other sponsors, Nike did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

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