12 Fake Football Kits You Do Not Want To Buy

Sunday, 26 April 2020
Everybody knows that there are two different types of fakes - some look authentic at first glance (and only good until you receive them / wash them...), while others are easy to identify as fakes. We take a look at twelve of the worst of them. Thanks to @LaCasacaBlog for the kits featured.

Worst Of | Fake Football Kits

All of the kits are more or less easy to identify as fakes. The list includes the infamous Adidas Manchester United kit that was rumored to be the club's first modern Adidas jersey in 2015, an Flamengo shirt with the pattern Italy's 2020 kit as well as a Juventus Gucci effort. The latest effort is a Bayern Munich jersey based on the concept of a designer that was shared as leak by some Munich-based newspapers.

We strictly recommended not ever to buy fake football shirts as you won't enjoy them for a long time.

To get authentic kits, we recommended the official stores of Adidas, Puma, Nike & Co as well as independent retailer Soccer.com (USA), Fútbol Emotion, Unisportstore, Kitbag and others. For classic kits, Classic Football Shirts is the to go place.

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Which of these shirts do you think is the worst? Let us know in the comments below.
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