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Crazy Boxed Nike T90 2004 Brazil Ronaldo & Holland Van Nistelrooy Player Issue Kits

There was a time when the internet was not as real-time and global as today, and when it was not easy for football kit addicts to share their jerseys and special gear they got. Now classic shirt retailer @LegendsFshirts shared images of two Nike T90 player issue kit boxes that we have never seen before, and that is sure to be highly wanted by collectors.

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Nike T90 2004 Player Issue Kit Boxes

The two boxes were released in 2004. They include the player issue kits of Brazil's Ronaldo and Netherland's Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

The Nike T90 2004 jersey template was launched for the EURO 2004. Back then, most of Nike's jerseys featured the same template, similar as it was the case a few years ago before "Nike ditched the templates". The remarkable elements of the Nike T90 jersey is the circle for the numbers (feature of all national team kits).

With the boxes, we also get a few interesting tech details. The Nike T90 2004 kit weighs in at just 155 grams, which was very light for that time (Adidas' 2014 World Cup jersey, the Adidas Adizero Kit just weights 100g, the lightest-ever kit to date).

Nike T90 2004 Player Issue Kit Boxes: Features

Engineered to provide total comfort, perfect fit and ultimate performance

Player Issue: As worn by players

Concept: Zero Distraction - shirt that players don't even notice they are wearing

Weight: 155 grams

Limited to 5000 pieces globally

The Nike Total 90 player issue kit boxes are not available to buy at the store yet.

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Does anybody of who owns one of these special-edition Nike T90 2004 boxes with the kits? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check out more classic football kits now on Football Kit Archive.