Nike 2020-21 Tech Craft Leather Pack Released - Mercurial, Phantom, Tiempo & Premier

The new Nike Tech Craft pack has been released. Launch pictures via Unisportstore.

The last time Nike released Tech Craft leather editions was last fall, when Nike launched a Mercurial and a Phantom VNM Tech Craft edition. The new pack includes all three of Nike's current silos - Mercurial, Phantom GT and Tiempo.

Nike 2020-2021 Tech Craft Soccer Cleats Leather Pack

Inspired by the iconic 1994 World Cup boots, the collection brings leather uppers to the two of Nike's silos which did usually not have one - the Mercurial and Phantom GT, as well as new paint jobs for the Tiempo and modern-classic Premier.

The three boots included in the 2020-21 Nike Tech Craft pack feature similar design in mainly black with white logos and golden-yellow plates. The specific design is inspired by Nike's 1994 World Cup boot, with a large 'NIKE' text across the back.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 Tech Craft

Nike Phantom GT Tech Craft

The new 'Black / White / Pro Gold / Metallic Gold' Nike Phantom GT K-Leather football boots have a classic yet classy look in Black, White & Gold. Boot combines a black base with white logos and golde-yellow for applications and the sole plate.

Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Tech Craft

The new Nike Tiempo Legend VIII Tech Craft cleats introduce a stylish look. Just as the two oher cleats of the Tech Craft pack, the 'Black / White / Pro Gold / Metallic Gold' Nike Tiempo Legend 8 boots combine a black base with golden yellow and white for logos and applications.

Nike Premier 2 Tech Craft

Nike's new Premier II boots combine a black upper with white brandings and gold accents - both in the form of the 'pro gold' collar lining and the sole plate, which is subtly metallic.

In terms of tech, the boots are based on the regular editions of the different silos, with the addition of an extra layer of leather (in the case of Mercurial and Phantom, or a full-leather upper in the case of the Tiempo.

The Nike Tech Craft 2020-2021 leather soccer cleats pack was released in early September.

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