Three Nike 2021 Aerowsculpt Footballs Leaked - Brazil, Chile and China

Pictures of three new Nike 2021 footballs have been leaked - showcasing the designs that will be used in the Brazilian, Chilean and Chinese championships next year.

All three balls are based on the Nike Aerowsculpt 2020 tech, which will also be used for the 2020-21 Premier League ball (no picture yet). The Premier League ball will have its own unique design, however, similar to this season.

Revolutionary? All-New Nike Aerowsculpt 2020 Ball Leaked

Nike Brasileirão 2021 Ball

This picture shows the Nike football for the 2021 Brasileirão season.

The new Brasileirão ball is mainly white, with blue and yellow trim and details appearing on the different panels. The new CBF logo is placed inside the center panel, while an enlarged white Swoosh with a yellow border can be seen to the right of it.

The new Nike Aerowsculpt football introduces a remarkable look with eye-catching grooves all over it, which are the "Aerowsculpt" feature. The ball still has a some panels, which are highlighted with black on the takedown football.

In reality, actual photos of the Nike Aerowsculpt soccer ball will look much more interesting than these leaked product renders. It is being reported to us that the Nike Aerowsculpt Official Match Ball will look like having no panels at all.

We will not see these three 2021 Nike footballs being released before January / February next year.

The first major Nike Aerowsculpt ball to be released will be the new Premier League one this summer.

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