8 "Rumored" Third Kits For 2020-21 - Here Is How Accurate Each Kit Is

Bleacher Report has created eight great illustrations featuring eight different "rumored" 2020-2021 third kits for the 20-21 season. However, not all of them are the real deal - let us find out how accurate each of their illustrations is.

Rumored Third Kits For 2020/21

All of Bleacher Report's 2020-2021 third kit illustrations are based on leaks / information from us.

The Nike 2020-21 third kit "predictions" by Bleacher Report are more or less 100% accurate (with the likely exception of Liverpool FC - there is no leak of that kit yet), while their Adidas third kit predictions are more or less off (Juventus should be the most accurate).

Bayern Munich 20-21 Third Kit - Accuracy 10%

So far, it is only known that the Adidas Bayern München 20-21 third shirt will be predominantly black, combined with white for logos and red for trim. The kit itself will be inspired by the EA Sports Jersey, but will be not the same...

LEAKED: Bayern 20-21 Third Kit to Be Black & Inspired By EA Sports Jersey

Barcelona 20-21 Third Kit - Accuracy 100%

Barcelona's new 2020-21 third shirt combines a pink (officially 'pink beam') base with black and teal for logos and trim.

FC Barcelona 20-21 Third Kit Leaked - Full Look With Shorts + Socks

Nike Chelsea 20-21 Third Kit - Accuracy 100%

Chelsea FC's 2020-21 third jersey has a light red, almost pinkish base color, combining it with a dark and saturated blue.

Chelsea 20-21 Third Kit Leaked - Full Look With Shorts + Socks

Juventus FC Adidas 20-21 Third Shirt - Accuracy 80%

The new Juventus 2020-21 third shirt boasts a striking design in orange and black. It has a contrasting black graphic design on the front - the final kit will look different.

Juventus 20-21 Third Kit Design Leaked

Nike Liverpool 2020-21 Third Jersey - Accuracy 70%

So far, only the socks of Liverpool's 20-21 third jersey have been leaked... They boast a checkers pattern, similar to the Nike Mercurial TN 2019.

Liverpool 20-21 Third Kit Inspired By Nike Mercurial TN 2019?

Adidas Man United 2020-2021 Third Shirt - Accuracy 75%

The Adidas Manchester United 2020-21 third jersey is set to introduce a bold and unique look for the club with a camo pattern.

LEAKED: Manchester United 20-21 Third Kit to Feature "Dazzle Camo" Design

Jordan PSG 2020-21 Third Jersey - Accuracy 95%

The PSG 20-21 third jersey brings a very classy design, combining a 'bordeaux' base with 'truly gold' for accents and logos. The only error of the Bleacher Report render is that the color of the shirt and the socks will be the same.

Jordan PSG 20-21 Third Kit Leaked - Full Look With Shorts + Socks

Real Madrid Adidas 2020-21 Third Jersey - Accuracy 65%

The Adidas Real Madrid 20-21 third jersey will be predominantly black with oink logos. The exact design is not known yet.

LEAKED: Black / Pink Real Madrid 20-21 Third Kit Design

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