Detailed Analysis | UEFA EURO 2008 Kits

Today we want to take a look back at the kits of the UEFA EURO 2008 in Austria and Switzerland, which began on June 7 2019 with the match between Switzerland and Czech Republic.

UEFA EURO 2008 Kits

The UEFA EURO 2008 was quite a good tournament in terms of football kits as it somehow marked a change in the use of streamlined templates and designs. Both Adidas and Nike started to design more bespoke jerseys for each country without such remarkable templates we saw in the 2006 World Cup and previous tournaments.

In the UEFA EURO 2008, Adidas, Nike and Puma all supplied the same number of teams - 5. The only team that did not wear Adidas, Nike or Puma kit was Sweden (Umbro).

For the Euro 2008, most of Adidas' and Nike's jerseys featured bespoke designs for each country with a rather unremarkable template.

Puma, meanwhile, had streamlined looks for most of their teams.

Our favorite 2008 EURO kits are Germany's, Turkey's as well as Netherlands' home jerseys. Not-so-great kits for us are the home jerseys of Puma for Austria and Switzerland, in example.

Adidas Euro 2008 Kits

Nike Euro 2008 Kits

Puma Euro 2008 Kits

Umbro Euro 2008 Kits

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