Everton To Sign Kit Sponsor Deal With Cannabis Company Swissx?

Reports from England suggest that Everton could sign a main sponsorship deal with Swissx, a cannabidiol (CBD) producer. How likely is a deal of Everton FC with Swissx?

In February 2020, Everton Football Club announced that it will end its partnership agreement with SportPesa at the end of the current season, two years ahead of schedule. Everton FC did wear the logo of their charity Everton in the Community on the front in the last Premier League match.

Swissx To Become Everton FC Shirt Main Sponsor

Swissx is owned by billionaire Alki David. Swissx is one of the world's leading producers of cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Alki David, the CEO of Swissx, said Insider that his cannabis company is currently in talks with Premier League side Everton over a deal to have his brand take over as the club's main kit sponsor.

"We are now engaged with Everton to take over their shirt. The front of their shirt," David told Insider. "They contacted me and have already offered designs with the whole Swissx logo in blue."

David added: "When I first came to England, everybody was supporting Man United and Liverpool, and everybody was red. Being contrary, I liked blue and I liked the logo so randomly I selected Everton to support. So it's sort of a mystical come around."

Our Verdict: Deal Probability 10%

In late April 2020, Alki David also revealed he had spoken to Barcelona regarding naming rights for Camp Nou. David said the club is being "really precious about [Swissx] being a cannabis brand."

We do not think that it is anyhow likely that Swissx will really become Everton's new main sponsor, with the owner just making marketing for us.

In fact, Insider's story originally said that Swissx is part-owned by Mike Tyson. A representative for Tyson denied the former boxer having any involvement in the company.

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