Leak Evolution: Adidas Juventus 20-21 Home Kit

The Juventus 2020-2021 home kit by Adidas got finally full leaked last week. However, until we got a look at the final design of the shirt, it was a long way. We take a look at the leak evolution of the Juventus 2020-21 home uniform.

Adidas Juventus 2020-2021 Home Kit - Leak Evolution

June 2019:

First, in late June 2019, it was leaked by Italian Juve kit experts La Maglia Bianconera that the Juventus 20-21 home kit will return to stripes. Back then, it was just known that the kit would features stripes, but nothing more.

22 November 2019:

It are again La Maglia Bianconera who reveal the next information about the Juventus 2020-21 home kit. The Juventus kit authority publishes its first prediction of the Juventus 2020-2021 home, away and third kits.

29 November 2019:

The shorts and socks of the Juventus 2020-21 home kit get leak by Footy Headlines. They reveal a stylish design in white and gold, which is very similar to the first prediction of La Maglia Bianconera.

December 2019:

In December, following La Maglia Bianconera's predictions of Juve's 20-21 kits, the first bad fakes of the Juventus 2020-2021 kits were being made.

May 8 2020:

Then, on Friday May 8 ten days ago, the development was heavily accelerated. First, product pictures of the Juve 20-21 home kit got leaked (first exclusively by Footy Headlines). Then, an image from a store got leaked. And shortly after that, a launch picture made its way into the internet.

Interestingly, La Maglia Bianconera already prepared a new prediction for the Juventus 20-21 home kit, but then the real images were leaked.

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