Next-Gen Mizuno Morelia Neo III Boots Teased - New Generation After Four Years

Japanese brand Mizuno is set to launch the next generation of the Morelia Neo football boots, the Mizuno Morelia Neo III. The launch has been teased by soccer store Ari Football.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo football boot silo is Mizuno's offering for players who want a lightweight Kangaroo leather football boot. The Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 soccer shoe was launched in June 2016 - the weigh in at just 180 grams.

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Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Soccer Cleats

From what we can see from the teaser images, the Mizuno Morelia Neo III soccer cleats ditch the traditional tongue design for a tongue-less knitted style, similar to the boots of other big brands.

current generation

The Mizuno Morelia Neo III seem to have again a Kangaroo leather upper with traditional stitching.

The studs and sole design of the Mizuno Morelia Neo III football boots is fairly similar to the one of the second generation.

The Mizuno Morelia Neo III soccer boots are set to be launched in the coming days.

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