Spectacular Forward Madison 2020 'Drip' Third Kit Released

USL League One team Forward Madison just unveiled its brand-new 2020 third jersey, dubbed the 'Drip Kit', with which it hopes to top last year's stunner.

Hummel Forward Madison 2020 Third Shirt

This is the new Hummel Forward Madison FC third jersey for 2020.

The Hummel Forward Madison 2020 alternate football shirt introduces a very bold look in shades of navy, blue and pink.

Although it carries Hummel's logo, the design was created in house. This is what FMFC designer Cassidy Sepnieski had to say: “We wanted something that people can wear in their everyday lives that’s cooler, more street-culture that what we’ve done in the past,” Sepnieski said. “It wears so well on people. It’s something that makes you stop and look.”

The design of the Hummel Forward Madison 2020 third jersey was created using an unconventional method: hydro dripping, which is the art of mixing paint into water and then applying it to the canvas.

“I went through probably eight or nine canvasses of attempting that street art style,” she said. “I took a couple art classes in college, so I have some painting under my belt, but nothing like this. It was just inspired by the colors and the textures in the water.”

The Forward Madison FC 2020 third kit retails at USD 85.

Hummel Forward Madison 2020 Home Jersey

This is the Forward Madison FC 2020 home shirt, made by Hummel.

Forward Madison 2020 Away Kit

This is the new Hummel Forward Madison away football shirt for 2020.

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