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Sport Recife 2020-21 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Brazilian club Sport Recife celebrated its 115th birthday on May 13 2020. Now Umbro and the club released Sport Club do Recife's 2020-2021 home and away uniforms.

Recife Umbro 20-21 Home Kit

This is the Sport Recife 2020-2021 home shirt, made by Umbro.

The Umbro Sport Recife 20-21 home football shirt features the usual colors of the club, black and red. The Umbro Sport Recife 2020-2021 home jersey comes with red horizontal stripes from the chest downwards with a smoky gradient.

On the back under the collar is a golden label with the Umbro logo and the club mascot, the lion.

Sport Club do Recife 2020-2021 Away Kit

This is the new Umbro Sport Recife away football shirt for 20-21.

The Umbro Sport Club do Recife 2020-21 away shirt is mainly white with gold applications. The sleeves are contrasting black.

The Umbro Sport Recife 2020-2021 away jersey features a subtle triangle fabric pattern in light grey.

Details in gold on the sides and the seal that will be applied on the bottom right round off the look. The badge on the bottom of the shirt comes with the old club logo and reference to the 115 years celebrated in 2020.

Sport Recife 2020-2021 Keeper Kit

This is the new Sport Recife goalkeeper football shirt.

The new Umbro Sport Recife 2020-21 goalkeeper kit is based on the streamlined Umbro 2020 keeper template used for its Brazilian teams. It is inspired by the 1990s.

The Recife 2020-2021 uniforms will be available from May 30.

What do you make of the new Sport Club do Recife 2020-21 home and away kits? Drop us a line below.